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I have already drawn portraits of more than 1,000 people.  When I draw a fashion model, I draw with permission.

I started this project because COVID-19 changed the world. Until then, I went to take pictures of many people wearing this jacket. But it's impossible now, so I started to draw these portrait. Because I can do it in my house with people all over the world.

Humans are kind. I went to many places and was helped by many people in those places. This is one of those stories. 

The pattern of this jacket is the Takazato Festival held every two years in a small village in Okinawa island in Japan to pray for a good year. It’s a very pretty festival. I came to there by chance and the villagers welcomed me as a stranger. They are very simple and kind. So I started to visit the village again and again. I gratitude for them. I thought I want to give something back to them. So I painted this picture for them and I created this jacket.

I want many people around the world to wear this jacket and know about the festival.


Good luck!

Shuji Jindo

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